EBF’s Vision Statement for the Khmer Gospel Project


Emerald Bible Fellowship (EBF) desires to develop friendships and partnerships with Cambodians, Cambodian churches, and churches and organizations that support Cambodians in Cambodia. We desire to develop a common bond to bring forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Cambodians in Cambodia and America. We desire to be united by seeking others that will stand by us and Cambodians everywhere for prayer and funding. EBF wants a great network of friends to bring Biblical resources to Christian pastors, churches, organizations and individuals that minister to Cambodians. We currently desire to see the Jesus Storybook Bible and Khmer Talking Bible made available to Cambodians who want them, and in the future Pastoral Resources and a bilingual (English/Khmer) Jesus Storybook Bible, and other resources to interested Cambodians. EBF desires your partnership and friendship. Contact us!