Ongoing Development

We are currently field-testing a setup that will be user-friendly and flexible: an Android phone fitted with a micoSD card connected to a waterproof portable speaker, both powered by a waterproof solar charger where electricity is not available.

SD card, Android Phone, Speaker and Solar Charger

The Android phone will allow for navigation through Bible books and chapters. It can also be loaded with devotionals, study guides and other theological works that have been translated into Khmer and other local dialects.

The Khmer Gospel Project will provide microSD cards with the entire Khmer Audio Bible free of charge. However, we will be asking churches and Bible study groups to purchase their own hardware, with scholarships being available for those who cannot afford to do so. The reasoning behind this is three-fold:

  • Each device can also be used for purposes not related to the Khmer Gospel Project
  • To encourage good stewardship of the devices
  • To stimulate the local economy while avoiding excessive shipping costs

Results of the field tests will be posted as soon as they become available.

Help make the Khmer Audio Bible available to Cambodians!

You can order a micro-SD card, listen online or download the Khmer Talking Bible. Micro-SD cards are $5.00 each, which includes shipping and handling.
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