Missionary in Battambang

“We had our children’s day event today and it was such a joy handing out such beautiful books. One girl came up to the table and looked through the Bible.
Two girls each holding a copy of the JSB
She was mesmerized by the illustrations of Jesus. She also saw a picture with a little girl with brown skin like hers and got so excited. We gave all 50 away easily and I only regretted not purchasing more. Thank you so much to your organization and your donors for making these incredible books accessible to our Cambodian friends and neighbors.

“Speaking of neighbors, we stopped to invite our old neighbor kids yesterday. They came and we sent them home with Bibles! So thrilled to be able to give them the gospel story in such beautiful form.”

Samuel Sou

“I’ve been involved with this project by helping edit the Jesus Storybook Bible. It is imperative for Cambodian children to learn the significance of the Bible and be compelled to read further. The Jesus Storybook Bible is not only for children, but for Cambodians of all ages who would like to learn more about Jesus Christ. As we are Christians, we should know the stories in the Bible, and guide others who have difficulty grasping concepts or who don’t understand. This book is easily read – with terms that are used by the general population, not difficult terms that could be misinterpreted. The illustrations are amazing, they are nicely drawn and colored – captivating the reader.”

Reverend Peter V. Im, Founder of Cambodian Children's Ministy

“The children’s Sunday School program at First Baptist Church, Portland, have been using this book in English for many years to bring children to Christ. As a founder of Cambodian Children’s Ministry (CCM), I am very grateful to the Lord that we now have this book in Khmer for us to help our Khmer children spiritually grow in the Lord. There are hundreds of children and youth in our Center participating in Bible studies weekly. This book will be a main resource of the educational materials for the Center of CCM.

“I am grateful for the vision of the Mission Committee of Emerald Bible Fellowship and their donors to make this book possible for Khmer Children for Christ. To God Be the Glory!”

Elizabeth Khem, Portland First Baptist Church

“I think this book will greatly help all adults and children who speak Cambodian. I think it is very exciting that this book focuses on Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, and it very easy to understand because of the pictures and the simplicity of the language. I don’t know at what age children will begin to be able to read it because I have been away from Cambodia for 34 years. Most importantly I believe this book will help Cambodian people very much for it easy for them to read and to reach their goal to understand that the major emphasis of the Bible is all about Jesus. It will help their belief in Jesus and their faith, hope, love in God, and to trust God completely in their life. Thank you for asking about my opinion. May God bless this book to reach all the people who need it so they can be saved. God bless every one.”