PURPOSE: To introduce simple stories in the Bible that tell of a Rescuer/Savior/Messiah Coming (Jesus) in the Old Testament. In the New Testament it tells of Jesus being born by virgin birth to make God known and bringing Salvation, Truth, Life and Hope for those who believe in Him as the Son of God and Lord and Savior. He saves us by taking the penalty for our sins on himself at the cross and dying to cancel our debt. In other words, Jesus is the focus in this Storybook Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

FOR WHICH AGES: For any adults new to their faith in Christ, and for children starting at age 8.

WHO TRANSLATED THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE INTO KHMER: Emerald Bible Fellowship facilitated the translation, and much of the work was done by Elizabeth and Kakrona Khem, First Baptist Church of Portland. A number of people from this same church reviewed and edited the translation work, and Radha Manikam of Cambodia Ministries for Christ, completed the last edits. Pastor Rong By, Tacoma, Washington, put this translation into a computer program to ready it for publication.